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Reinforced Aluminum Almost As Tough As Steel

Researchers from The University of Tokyo and Japan Synchrotron Radiation Research Institute engineered a glass that is much stronger than a great deal of metals. In the researcher’s paper on Scientific Reports, they described how major hurdles in creating glass imbued with extra amounts of oxide aluminum were overcome by a method called aerodynamic levitation.

The indestructible glass would be useful to many many applications, automobile windows, skyscrapers, smartphones, bongs, or even tablets. To accommodate this goal, scientists are trying to make glass stronger. One method involve adding aluminum oxide, alumina, which has the highest dissociation energy from the oxide family. Previous research seems to indicate that an aluminum glass compound would be significantly stronger then normal glass. It is difficult to produce such a combination, as silicon dioxide crystals tend to develop during the manufacturing process and hindering the glass making process. Researchers, fortunately found away around this process.

The improved process requires the mix to be air suspended during formation with oxygen gas that is then mixed by a laser. This results in a glass with more aluminum then any other. The glass is transparent, tough, and clear. The glass is almost as strong as steel, and stronger then many metals.

The realist thing holding up that swank produ of glass resistance, using that new formula seems to be that teams inability to so far produce a mass production process. Les see what happens.

Aluminum Breaking The Way In Tall Bongs and Stronger Glass

As you would remember from our previous post: Aluminum Reinforced glass might soon become a mainstream reality as it becomes easier to produce durable glass. Durable glass is usefull in many applications and one of them is Tall Bongs. Click to learn more.