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Canadian International Aluminium Conference

The aluminum industry and its leading experts will meet in Montreal this June

Montreal – February 27, 2014 – From June 2 to 4, 2014, Montreal will host the Canadian International Aluminium Conference, bringing together some of the world's leading aluminum experts. Lecturers, researchers and the industry’s major organizations will share the platform to present their outlook for this metal with ever-increasing applications.

Organized by the Aluminum Association of Canada (AAC), this conference will discuss best practices, innovation, sustainable development and strategic topics of interest to decision-makers in the aluminum industry and its owners, operators, suppliers and industrial users.

The entire aluminum life cycle will be discussed at the conference: from the extraction of ore to recycling, including the three levels of processing, global market and its major trends, best practices in innovation, sustainable cities and buildings, road transport (public and aerospace), architecture and major infrastructure, market dynamics, additive manufacturing and the future applications of aluminum.

“For Quebec companies, this conference will be a place to learn, network and build ties with experts from Asia, Europe, the Middle East and here—on North American soil. As the world’s fourth largest aluminum producer, with almost 100% of our production in Quebec, our industry needs to share its expertise and learn from others elsewhere. This is unquestionably an incredible opportunity for Quebec,” said Jean Simard, President and CEO of AAC.

An ever-evolving world market

The North American market is in the midst of radical transformation with the introduction of the new Comprehensive Economic and Trade Agreement between Canada and the European Union. This agreement offers not only new opportunities and exciting challenges for the aluminum industry, but even better, it will also turn the Canadian industry into the single channel between the U.S. and European market, representing a billion consumers. To better illustrate this important change, the CIAC will benefit from the contribution of Pierre-Marc Johnson, Chief Negotiator for Quebec and former Premier of Quebec, who will present the key components during a lunch conference on June 3.

Other speakers include Mahmood Daylami, General Secretary of the Gulf Aluminium Council (Dubai), representing the third largest aluminum production zone, the Persian Gulf, David Foot, renowned demographer and economist, author of the bestseller "Boom, Bust and Echo" (Toronto), Chris Bayliss, Deputy Secretary General of the International Aluminium Institute, Ayrton Filleti, CTO and President Emeritus of the Aluminum Association of Brazil (BALA) and Matthew Chamberlain, Director of the London Metal Exchange (LME).

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The Aluminum Association of Canada (AAC) is a non-profit organization whose mission is to represent the Canadian aluminum industry with the public, government, current and potential users of aluminum and other major players in the business world. The AAC aims to educate its target audiences about key issues and the industry’s socio-economic significance in Canada. It brings together the representatives of three Canadian aluminum producers — Alcoa, Alouette and Rio Tinto Alcan — under one roof. These companies operate 10 smelters in Canada, including nine in Quebec, and employ nearly 10,000 people.

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