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Canadian International Aluminium Conference

International experts meet in Montreal to discuss best practices for the industry

Montreal, March 23, 2014 – The Canadian International Aluminium Conference (CIAC) which is to take place in Montreal June 2-4 will bring together on the same stage global experts to discuss the great opportunities available to aluminium and the aluminium industry, one which directly employs almost 10,000 persons in Quebec. These discussions will feature production as well as advanced manufacturing and processing technologies, including numerous applications for aluminium, the challenges and issues of the day and opportunities for tomorrow.

Adopting the best and most responsible practices

The aluminium industry has been experiencing a significant transition period for several years now. China, for example, while relatively new to the industry has seen half of the global aluminium production issuing from its plants. As well, emerging regions such as the Middle East are rapidly moving to the front of the international ranking of producers.

“As well as highlighting the issues of access to bauxite and competitive energy costs, the addition of new installations and new producers have contributed equally to accelerating the need for the industry to adopt best practices all throughout the life cycle of this material and always with long-term sustainability in mind,” said Jean Simard, President and CEO of the Aluminium Association of Canada.

Expert panels will examine these questions. On one hand, with a view to comparing and examining different responses of markets in the major regions in the world, the CIAC will play host to experts from the Aluminium Association of Brazil (ABAL), the Gulf Aluminium Council (Middle East), which represents the third largest aluminium production zone in the world, the Boston Consulting Group, one of the most important consulting firms in business strategies, as well as leading international metals market analysts, HARBOR and CRU.

Other expert resources including Germany's Concern Consultants, the Aluminium Stewardship Initiative (ASI) and Alcoa, will touch on responsible aluminium production and market responsiveness. Also under discussion will be aluminium market dynamics, impact of accumulated inventories and the price and cost structures of the metal.

A conference geared towards innovation and change

Apart from issues relating to production, other expert panels who will be identified shortly will deal with questions of relief (use of lightweight materials?) in major structures, and transportation as well as additive manufacturing solutions to current manufacturing technologies, the impact of different market standards, the adjustment of major industrial projects to climate change and opportunities presented by the new free trade agreement between Canada and the European Union.

A list of speakers and lecturers as well as the conference agenda are available on the CIAC website, at

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Canadian International Aluminium Conference (CIAC)

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